THE KAYLINE COMPANY is a company built by salespeople to create a sales atmosphere dedicated to your success. We invest time, understanding, and literally all of our resources to help each person develop their full potential.


The Kayline Company originated in 1895 as a gas lantern manufacturer. Throughout the years, Kayline adapted to the growing market by manufacturing decorative fixtures, chandeliers, fluorescent fixtures, and custom design lighting fixtures. Due to requests by engineers and architects, Kayline developed a long life bulb line in 1974 to complement its lighting fixtures. Soon after, Kayline’s Janitorial and Maintenance Chemical product line was introduced.

Today, Kayline’s sales force services Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, South Bend, Erie, Pittsburgh and continues to grow throughout the Midwest. We’re a progressive team that builds upon its past success.


Kayline understands it cannot succeed without a strong salesforce and that its salesforce cannot succeed without quality innovative products and outstanding service. We train our salespeople to be invaluable to their customers. Kayline salespeople are “Solution Suppliers.” We know we must be “One Step Up” on our competition at all times.


Kayline is unique. We are one of the few Building Maintenance Supply companies that provide a chemical and lighting line. This opens the doors to unlimited opportunities. We continually update and improve our product line to assure we’re offering the best of the best!


Kayline’s sales approach focuses on people. We’re not a faceless internet company nor a huge distributor where customers and salespeople are just dollar signs. Our salesforce builds relationships with their customers that often last for decades. We know if we earn our customer's respect, sales will follow.


  • High Repeat Sales
  • Consumable Products
  • Exclusive Products
  • Direct Fax Advertising
  • Monthly Promotions
  • Free Demonstration Supplies
  • New Account Thank You Program
  • Birthday Card Program
  • Protected Accounts
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • New Product Introductions
  • Office Support
  • Guaranteed Products
  • Quick Delivery
  • Excellent Service
  • Overall Commitment To Success
  • Computerized High Tech Environment

Training and Support

Our comprehensive training program prepares you for this challenging career. Supplemented with salary during training you’ll receive 1 on 1 classroom sessions followed by on going field training to help make you a well-informed professional, armed with proven sales techniques. You will be frequently updated regarding new products, new applications, market opportunities, and sales techniques.


As a Kayline Company Representative, you will have the opportunity to earn a high income based on a generous commission structure. You determine your earning potential and your long term financial outlook. Other benefits include:

  • Salary During Training
  • Employee Tax Status
  • Medical Coverage
  • Life Insurance
  • Auto Allowance
  • Annual Club Bonus
  • Annual Quota Bonus
  • Profit Share Program
  • Awards & Prizes
  • Much More

What are you waiting for?

  • Contact Mike Tobin at 800.426.5820
  • Mail your resume to PO BOX 603207, Cleveland, OH 44103
  • Fax your resume to 216.566.1228
  • Email your resume to